CES 2015: How Today’s Emerging Technologies Will Affect Tomorrow’s Devices


The week of CES sets the stage for the year’s product launches, but it can be difficult to tell the fads from the future. We’ve tapped some of the top names in the world of 3D printing, alternative interfaces, wearables, robotics, transportation and home automation to separate the fads of today from the game changing technologies of tomorrow. Which emerging technologies are set to take center stage for CESes to come and how will they impact our lives?

Avi Reichental, CEO 

3D Systems, Inc.

Brendan Iribe, CEO

Oculus VR

Brian Heater, Director of Media

Eric Migicovsky, CEO
Pebble Technology

Michael Buckwald, Co-Founder and CEO
Leap Motion

Announcing, Iterating, Releasing your product:

Should you show the prototype or wait until it’s final?

– The reaction was so positive when it works, just to show people was a privilege.

– (Pebble) Built in Over-the-air software updates – increased confidence to launch – they knew they could release fixes and updates as they developed them.

– Do you get it right first? Or do you use the users to help guide the development – Shift where users, brands and companies combine their wisdom into a development model.

How is crowd funding changing how BIG companies do business?

– Product categories are changing and shifting, they may become more aware of the smaller companies, but no, they aren’t afraid that small companies will challenge the well established product categories

Pebble is an unlikely bridge step between computers and the next step.

How do you become the first mover, and not be stuck in a device category?

– A small startup is leaner and more flexible – this can be beneficial vs a larger company with product inertia

Pebble next steps: Contextual Watch – Pebble will provide an experience that reduces your interaction physically, to communicate with the phone and change state based on it’s predictions.

Next step for 3D printers: what do they need?

– The biggest need is well created content. The best adoption will come once real ideas – unleash creativity and local manufacturing – Allow for real world needs like:

  • Digital Dollhouse – learn through play, play to learn – kids can bring their ideas to life in a tangible way
  • Storytelling – we can now bring storybooks to 3D life
  • Interior decorating – make an exact replica to visualize for real instead of 3D model on computer
  • and now? CHOCOLATE.
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity: Custom cases for pebble with 3D printer




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