Future Moms

Speakers: Adam SagerAndrea SmithBeth BlechermanElizabeth HamrenMonica ClarkOren Boiman
Lost keys, dirty laundry, messy floors, and a long to-do list. The mundane world of domestic life will be turned on its head thanks to home automation, the Internet of Things and new mobility.
Adam Sager, CEO and Co-Founder 
Andrea Smith, Producer/Journalist
Living in Digital Times
Beth Blecherman, Founder
Elizabeth Hamren, Vice President of Marketing
Monica Clark, Senior Manager, PR & Brand Experience
Whirlpool Corporation
Oren Boiman, Co-founder and CEO

ATT Unite – if the internet of things grows to the size predicted – we sure need connection to the internet! Has battery boost as well. Mobile, Secure, Wifi Hotspot – moms loving the secure network.

20140108-213605.jpgTastemaker Mom – moms are looking forward to:

  • ultra hd tv’s
  • wearable fitness devices
  • home remote controls

Whirlpool – Appliances represent!

  • innovation – products will anticipate consumer needs
  • appliances will begin to have expression – feel more lighthearted
  • connection – merge social and functional needs

20140108-213622.jpgFully connected appliances – inventory fridge!!! Finally! And they’re doing a recipe suggester for food in your inventory!

Inventory of materials in fabrics of clothes to suggest care-takeing for your washer- nice.

DropCam – 

  • Designed for easy setup — (I agree! It was the best one, hands down!)
  • HD quality video
  • Cloud service – thought of the product “as a service” connect from anywhere

Next up: video analysis – it will try to find the moments you would want to save – you don’t have to be behind the video camera the whole time, you just save the moments you need after the face since it’s recording all the time.

Bluetooth LE in DropCam Pro! The vision is that the video camera will be the hub of the connected home.

Security: Encrypted on the device BEFORE it’s sent to the cloud.

Magisto –  a site to help you tell stories with your video


  • The software parses the video for the interesting parts and automatically edits videos together.
  • In addition, starts to use face recognition and suggests better camera angles
  • Featured in the Qualcomm Booth

Canary – single unit home security system


  • Security – all inclusive – connects to the phone
  • Patterns of behavior

When are they all going to be able to talk to one another?

  • Dropcam – What is the problem that we’re solving today? Looking into products that will enhance or improve their own products experience
  • Canary – doesn’t really care to cater to collaborating
  • Whirlpool – connecting the dots is what everyone is working on now.

Can there be one app to control them all?

  • Whirlpool – appliances want to be one stop shop for all
  • Universal remotes are also a hot new company
  • Bluetooth may be the best way so that the devices talk to one another not necessarily all talk to us.
  • One dashboard controller
  • Canary guy thinks that people only want one thing or are trying to solve a specific problem



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