Connecting the Unconnected: Keynote

“Cisco CEO John Chambers shares the Cisco vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE), which is the networked connection of people, processes, data and things. Learn about a world where the Internet is always easily accessible, in everything we do and everywhere we go. The IoE is changing how we live, creating smarter cities. It allows our alarm clock to wake us up 10 minutes earlier when it receives reports of traffic congestion. It helps our home automatically adjust its temperature based on weather forecasts. John demonstrates what’s possible with the IoE, and how your company can take advantage of this new connected world.”

Watch here. (Free once you sign in)

Quality of life is the goal – technology makes it happen even when people don’t know that it’s tech that does it for them — and they don’t need to know.

The Connected Home @ 30:40

In he home of the future millennials Expect a screen as the primary interface Check smartphone before bed and after wake Office can be anywhere – work hard play hard Expect Access to Information First Generation that has grown up with a screen in front of them.

Internet of Everything (IOE) enables:

Just in time data  Just in time arrival at location Just in time to the right device Just in time to the right person For them to make the right decision


IOE causes people to change Problem: Crime- packages stolen Solution: Camera with motion detection – Nabbed the burglar Automotive connectivity – transfer to any screen – AT&T drive for connected cars – car talks to the house – AT&T store – focus on selling experience and outcomes – health – home – sell solutions All digital and all wireless home security system

Successful IOE will be:

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Quick
  • Seamless

Video is the key application at home

  • Video will be a key way of interacting with the IOE
  • “Snowflake” – User Interface with flexibility
  • Works with IOE appliances like Home Locks, Lights, Thermostat, Speakers
  • Set – “cinema mode” lights dim, doors locked, thermostat warmer
  • So, the Main TV becomes the home hub

Rick Smolan – Photographer

  • Big Data “We’ve all became human sensors”
  • “It’s like watching the planet develop a nervous system”

“Quake-catcher” – uses computer accelerometers- if all go off at once it senses earthquake in real time

The human face of big data – app – Free for January 2014!

Imagine what is possible Remember where you were a year ago and how much has changed Think about how people with process with data will make better decisions Tying applications together – the power is much more than adding it’s parts

  • Looking at the Internet from the date of it’s inception to today, The IOE will have 5 to 10 times that impact.
  • Next year – Healthcare is the next frontier & Digital Countries will be ready to evolve.

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