Otter Smart Chairs

This chair was simply fantastic. For about the price of a high-end massage chair from Brookstone, you can have this Otter Smart Chair packed with better features and comfort.

  • iPad Controlled
  • Health Sensors
  • Speakers
  • Comfort
  • Exercise

This chair was the most comfortable chair I’ve sat in- ever. It incorporates health sensors like a scale, blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate that I’d actually use while I’m there enjoying an amazing massage. Plus, the surround sound speakers can play music from the iPad or natural sounds to sooth you to sleep. The chair also recommends exercise based on your health and guides thru t’ai chi.

If this chair looked more like a comfy couch than a video gaming chair, I’d be ready to buy one – it’s that good.






One thought on “Otter Smart Chairs

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