Connecting the Unconnected: Keynote

“Cisco CEO John Chambers shares the Cisco vision for the Internet of Everything (IoE), which is the networked connection of people, processes, data and things. Learn about a world where the Internet is always easily accessible, in everything we do and everywhere we go. The IoE is changing how we live, creating smarter cities. It allows our alarm clock to wake us up 10 minutes earlier when it receives reports of traffic congestion. It helps our home automatically adjust its temperature based on weather forecasts. John demonstrates what’s possible with the IoE, and how your company can take advantage of this new connected world.”

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Quality of life is the goal – technology makes it happen even when people don’t know that it’s tech that does it for them — and they don’t need to know.

The Connected Home @ 30:40

In he home of the future millennials Expect a screen as the primary interface Check smartphone before bed and after wake Office can be anywhere – work hard play hard Expect Access to Information First Generation that has grown up with a screen in front of them.

Internet of Everything (IOE) enables:

Just in time data  Just in time arrival at location Just in time to the right device Just in time to the right person For them to make the right decision


IOE causes people to change Problem: Crime- packages stolen Solution: Camera with motion detection – Nabbed the burglar Automotive connectivity – transfer to any screen – AT&T drive for connected cars – car talks to the house – AT&T store – focus on selling experience and outcomes – health – home – sell solutions All digital and all wireless home security system

Successful IOE will be:

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Quick
  • Seamless

Video is the key application at home

  • Video will be a key way of interacting with the IOE
  • “Snowflake” – User Interface with flexibility
  • Works with IOE appliances like Home Locks, Lights, Thermostat, Speakers
  • Set – “cinema mode” lights dim, doors locked, thermostat warmer
  • So, the Main TV becomes the home hub

Rick Smolan – Photographer

  • Big Data “We’ve all became human sensors”
  • “It’s like watching the planet develop a nervous system”

“Quake-catcher” – uses computer accelerometers- if all go off at once it senses earthquake in real time

The human face of big data – app – Free for January 2014!

Imagine what is possible Remember where you were a year ago and how much has changed Think about how people with process with data will make better decisions Tying applications together – the power is much more than adding it’s parts

  • Looking at the Internet from the date of it’s inception to today, The IOE will have 5 to 10 times that impact.
  • Next year – Healthcare is the next frontier & Digital Countries will be ready to evolve.

What Can We Make Possible with the Internet of Everything?

Speaker: David Evans


What happens when we wake the world up and start connecting the 99 percent of everything that is not yet connected? What is the future effect of this immense amount of connectedness? This session will challenge you to imagine what the outcome could be and how to make it possible.

David Evans, Cisco Chief Futurist, Cisco Consulting Services 


We attended this fantastic workshop in which we were teamed up with 7 other attendees to brainstorm the future of connected devices. Each group was given two industries and asked to imagine how they could be connected and enhanced in the age of the internet of everything.

We were group 6! Our challenge was to enhance Energy and Retail:


The winning presentation:

VeriStride has a nice prototype that could be repurposed to meet this teams vision.

Wearable Tech


Get a sneak peek at the highlights from our FashionWare show and hear from the arbiters of fashion-meets-function in wearable, embedded and new technologies. From glitz and glitter, to new fabrics and new ways to get the perfect fit, the fashionable woman is entering the tech world fast.

Chris Herbert, CEO 
Phone Halo
Jennifer Darmour, User Experience Design
Jillian White, Marketing and Product Management
Judy tomlinson, Founder, AvocSoft and CEO
Marta Hall, President
Robin Raskin, Founder
Living in Digital Times, LLC

Jennifer – Artefact –

  • Beauty
  • Meaning
  • Periphery – use the body as interface
  • Move – Pilates shirt with integrated sensors – gives feedback in the moment at the area that needs improvement
  • Pulse-  Biometric Ring – heartrate – changes color based on heart rate zone
  • Payment Bracelet – Add the service of payment to your wrist

Chris Herbert – Item tracker

  • TrackR – phone halo

Jillian – MC10 –

  • We conform to our electronics
  • So, she works on skin circuits – check light – Reebok 
  • Put a small sensor on a baby – sends the info to smart phone

Focus on wearability  ( comfortable, discreet) so people WILL wear it — so that it doesn’t fade into a fad.

Judy – Smart Jewelry – Zazzi –

  • Reminders thru jewelry
  • Modular jewelry – Ring / Bracelet / Necklace
  • Self expression with a real time display – e paper display so it doesn’t turn off

What about batteries? How are you powering your devices?

TrackR – bluetooth LE – coin-cell batteries – 6 mo – 2 years per battery; battery is preventing us from creating a beautiful design with no limitations on size.

Disable alerts depending on your location – look for known patterns – intelligence on the phone / all about the software on the phone.

“Technology has to be invisible or beautiful”

Judy – Hardware means hard – she really wants to make it as if it’s jewelry

The goal is to make it unnoticeable as tech! — Yeah!

Jennifer – Mentioned “Meaning”

Unexplored so far – Products have to me meaningful in order to not just become novelties

We’re making the technology work — now we need to think about how they can solve problems and address needs in a way that adds sustainable value to our lives.

Meaning comes in when we can start to identify what that sustainable meaning is so that we continue to wear our wearables.

Jillian – Reebock – 

Football impact – focus on the correct textile shape to fit under the helmet.

Fashion Week – When does the fashion industry start to fade into this industry?

There are challenges for garments and challenges for hardware – now these soft sensors are very expensive.

There is a lot of learning to be done to find the lower cost technologies.

Where should the end consumer buy wearable tech?

Apple, Brook-stone, Best Buy, Amazon – that’s it… they go where the customer is.

… asked about Nordstrom …. maybe Bloomingdales is the first to try this.

Wireless charging for clothes? / Wearables?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to dump your wearables in your room

Challenges: It’s not perfect yet — but it is a better experience — you still need a high capacity battery and how long the charging time will be — longer than a cable as of yet.

The key variable again? It’s the battery… so one innovation is power reduction to eliminate the need for charging all together

A women’s purse is a next opportunity. Purse that charges your devices.

June – UV light sensor – gives SPF lotion recommendations

It’s DotComplicated – Randi Zuckerberg

Founder and CEO, Zuckerberg Media

Hackathons @ Facebook – best ideas come from people of all ranks, working on what they think is the best idea, many ideas made it onto the Facebook site

Facebook Live TV show that she led & had great success with.

Many parents need to know what their kids are doing in tech because they are learning faster than the parents. It was her motivation for “It’s DotComplicated”



Future Moms

Speakers: Adam SagerAndrea SmithBeth BlechermanElizabeth HamrenMonica ClarkOren Boiman
Lost keys, dirty laundry, messy floors, and a long to-do list. The mundane world of domestic life will be turned on its head thanks to home automation, the Internet of Things and new mobility.
Adam Sager, CEO and Co-Founder 
Andrea Smith, Producer/Journalist
Living in Digital Times
Beth Blecherman, Founder
Elizabeth Hamren, Vice President of Marketing
Monica Clark, Senior Manager, PR & Brand Experience
Whirlpool Corporation
Oren Boiman, Co-founder and CEO

ATT Unite – if the internet of things grows to the size predicted – we sure need connection to the internet! Has battery boost as well. Mobile, Secure, Wifi Hotspot – moms loving the secure network.

20140108-213605.jpgTastemaker Mom – moms are looking forward to:

  • ultra hd tv’s
  • wearable fitness devices
  • home remote controls

Whirlpool – Appliances represent!

  • innovation – products will anticipate consumer needs
  • appliances will begin to have expression – feel more lighthearted
  • connection – merge social and functional needs

20140108-213622.jpgFully connected appliances – inventory fridge!!! Finally! And they’re doing a recipe suggester for food in your inventory!

Inventory of materials in fabrics of clothes to suggest care-takeing for your washer- nice.

DropCam – 

  • Designed for easy setup — (I agree! It was the best one, hands down!)
  • HD quality video
  • Cloud service – thought of the product “as a service” connect from anywhere

Next up: video analysis – it will try to find the moments you would want to save – you don’t have to be behind the video camera the whole time, you just save the moments you need after the face since it’s recording all the time.

Bluetooth LE in DropCam Pro! The vision is that the video camera will be the hub of the connected home.

Security: Encrypted on the device BEFORE it’s sent to the cloud.

Magisto –  a site to help you tell stories with your video

  • The software parses the video for the interesting parts and automatically edits videos together.
  • In addition, starts to use face recognition and suggests better camera angles
  • Featured in the Qualcomm Booth

Canary – single unit home security system

  • Security – all inclusive – connects to the phone
  • Patterns of behavior

When are they all going to be able to talk to one another?

  • Dropcam – What is the problem that we’re solving today? Looking into products that will enhance or improve their own products experience
  • Canary – doesn’t really care to cater to collaborating
  • Whirlpool – connecting the dots is what everyone is working on now.

Can there be one app to control them all?

  • Whirlpool – appliances want to be one stop shop for all
  • Universal remotes are also a hot new company
  • Bluetooth may be the best way so that the devices talk to one another not necessarily all talk to us.
  • One dashboard controller
  • Canary guy thinks that people only want one thing or are trying to solve a specific problem



Speakers: Alyssa MartinaAndrea SmithChrissy Watson
Andrea Smith, executive producer at Mommy Tech TV, introduces us to women who define today’s entrepreneurial spirit. Find out what they know what you should.
Alyssa Martina, CEO 
Andrea Smith, Producer/Journalist
Living in Digital Times
Chrissy Watson, Of Counsel/Owner
Carr & Ferrell LLP/Outlaw Mom LLC
Memloom – Sharing your memories and telling stories – geared with the Mom in mind
Think about the brand of you VS. the brand of your startup
On entrepreneurship... you have to be curious, open to listen, watching , asking good questions, and your passion must be strong and your vision is something that you practically die by. Mom-ship is very similar to being an entrepreneur, because you have to be always on.
Allocation of resources, prioritization, and articulating your prioritization.