A nice execution of a very capable health watch.

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EZIO: Refined Techwear

This is the revolution I’ve been hoping for: wearable tech that’s primary design aesthetic is jewelry, not tech. Although this jewelry is still too large and gaudy for my taste, I know that it’s a style that some women wear already, and that’s a huge step forward.

This collection of watches and jewelry pendants can be programmed to blink or vibrate to alert the wearer to text messages, phone calls, or social network updates.

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InvenSense: Activity Recognition Wearable

One of the biggest complaints about current activity monitors is that you get unfair credit for activities like biking, skiing or other sports.

This company has a solution: The user calibrates the sensor when doing these activities, and it learns what say, biking, feels like. Then it predicts the activity and awards the appropriate “points.”

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