It’s a system of FSR’s embedded in an innersole with bluetooth communication to an Android app and even and inductive charger so you never have to remove the innersoles to charge. This company plans to use their technology as an assistive healthcare device for people with gait abnormalities.

This is product is a great initial execution of the Internet Of Everything brainstorming winners idea. 



I enjoyed seeing their first prototype- it looks so much like my Tune Taps project for Biomechanics a few semesters ago.  🙂




Sensible Baby

Fitbit for your newborn. Alerts parents if child has turned on it’s stomach, and records activity. Plus, it’s comes with 2 adorable onesies!




Each pendent is called a Zazzi, displaying an image of the wearers choice. Or, her friend can share an image for her Zazzi to display, so they can match like friendship bracelets. The system is modular, allowing one Zazzi to be affixed to a ring, bracelet or necklace.

I like this idea of on the fly- customizable jewelry. This product is in development and will become smaller sleeker, and hopefully more elegant. Perhaps tech can create an e-paper display that is transparent and can be stretched over the silver to display images like the automatic window shades we saw today!




This product is near and dear to my heart because I totally believe in it’s vision. However, It’s teaching me a valuable lesson: don’t show the prototype if it’s not close. I can envision a piece of elegant jewelry with a changeable digital design, but after seeing this box on a wrist, it must be hard for investors and customers to stay inspired by it. I would love to see a concept drawing of the vision of this piece.